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Saffron - Gol Ice cream-San Ramon

Hi, I am Saffron!

Hi, I am Saffron!


You probably don’t know me and may not have even heard of me, but I look forward to becoming better acquainted now. Better late than never right? I am such a hot commodity nowadays, everyone wants me. I can go in any dish, even plain old boiling water. So you may wonder why you don’t really know me! Well I’m very shy. I don’t just bloom anywhere or all year round. I’m also small and regularly looked past, kind of like the diamond that looks like any other rock to some. Some call me “growing gold”, after all I’m more expensive than gold and better for your health.


I only bloom in a hot and dry climate. The right soil and temperature are what I care for to keep my beautiful color and smell. I love attention! Some say high I’m maintenance since I must be handpicked. I am even harvested while I sleep to keep myself in tip-top shape. I’m expensive because I’m high quality after all.

I am not only colorful. I also taste great with a divine smell; truly suited for kings and queens in the medieval times. I have many reasons for your body to love me. People work hard to grab me while they can so your food, mood and homeopathic remedies are better all around. Beside all the other amazing health benefits I am happy to elaborate if you just send me a message, butnonetheless I promise to bring a big gorgeous smile to those who indulge in me.


Can you believe my soulmate is milk? Only one night of us bound together will create an amazing taste. With milk’s silky texture and fat and our all natural vitamins our overnight relationship in a cool temperature results in a sense of calmness, a smile and a fresh start for you the next day.


To make it even better after our one night stand we get even sassier and bring sugar, cream and pistachio and a touch of rosewater to our mix and voila, that is the magic called Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream.


Our creator Gol Ice Cream is the one who started to bring us all together in one cool and clean environment. Once you taste us for the first time, I am the first aroma that hypnotizes you. All you need is a spoon to experience Gol Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream.


By the way I mentioned Rosewater I know her very well and she is trying very hard to compete with me but I will tell you all about her next time we have a rendezvous.

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