Sweeth Tooth

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GOL Signature expression on Valentine’s Day

I am the common language of love all around the world and a signature expression on Valentine’s Day. All the medical researchers talk about me but I wanted you to hear it from me directly. Let me just say, indulging in me releases the same signals in the female’s brain as does an orgasm! Now everyone can have Happy Valentine’s Day with Gol Chocolate Ice Cream or Chocolate Ice Cream cake; but, why limit yourself to have one happy ending when you can a home run, have me as ice cream and cake. I am the infamous, classic, creamy, the one and only, I am Gol Chocolate Ice Cream. You can lick me, bite me and add me to your special dessert for that extra humph.  But I must tell you, you have chocolate and then you have me, when you think of an elite group you think of hard to access, talented, the best of the best, innovative, exotic, and very limited. Well, I am all the above and more. The kind of Chocolate Ice Cream you travel to get. Gol Gourmet Ice Cream makes my chocolate base in-house and that’s why you won’t find me on just anyone’s lips or hands. I am made for those who have a vigor of life and adventure in them, the ones who shall I say – enjoy the finer things in life. When there is a dedicated day of expressing love; you want to go for the best and baby I am the one to fulfill you and your loved ones for a truly happy ending. I am like no other I am Gol Chocolate Ice Cream. Once you’ve tasted me, you’ll never go back again. I’ll be eagerly waiting for you to try me so your taste buds can experience what you’re visualizing right now.

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