Sweeth Tooth

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Author: Mitra Golnazar

I have been known to be very selective with my friendships, call me snobbish but I choose my friends based on their health history, vibrant color, and how delicious we will taste together. One of my dearest friends is Carrot Juice; he complements me so well. His deep orange color against my bright yellow color with a touch of green from my pistachios makes us look so refreshing and sexy together. My perfect fat content and delicious creamy Saffron Pistachios taste out of this world. Did

Be playful don’t rush, lick me rather than taking bites, trust me your teeth will thank me!!! I am simply the best choice any hour of the day because I’m made of simple wholesome un-processed ingredients with the perfect amount of sweetness. I am good in many ways, so good, that many people keep me as an essential item on their grocery list. Now don’t forget to add me, Gol Ice Cream to your weekly shopping list. My major ingredient is milk which is rich in

I am the common language of love all around the world and a signature expression on Valentine’s Day. All the medical researchers talk about me but I wanted you to hear it from me directly. Let me just say, indulging in me releases the same signals in the female’s brain as does an orgasm! Now everyone can have Happy Valentine’s Day with Gol Chocolate Ice Cream or Chocolate Ice Cream cake; but, why limit yourself to have one happy ending when you can a

I come in my natural form, rose petals, in a concentrated format or what most people prefer which is rose water. The reason my creator, Gol Ice Cream, loves to use me as rose water is to create the perfect balance between my aroma and taste.  I know my good friend, Saffron introduced me a little bit but I wanted to introduce myself formally. I am loved by everyone regardless of age and gender. I not only taste good but also, I will make you