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Pomegranate’s Love Connection!

Please don’t be jealous because I am one of the few who is loved by many, but who am I kidding?! You know the forbidden fruit, Apple, it has nothing on me.  I was made to star in my own reality TV show so let me give you the scoop!

Let’s address the elephant in the room; why am I so loved when I know there are many fellow food items who wish they could be me? Well, I would think it has to do with my deep red color, or the crunch in my seeds, where my juice quenches the thirst, my smooth shell, even my artistic appearance but, really, I think it’s my healing power and how I compliment many other ingredients satiating any and all taste buds. I am a gift from nature after all. I have anti-oxidative, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties just so you know.

My creator has made the impossible possible by making me even more desirable. Mr. Golnazar Jr. has made the most delicious and creamy ice cream with me as the superstar. Most other chefs could only make me into a sherbet but Gol Ice Cream, being the creative ones as always, made the best out of me – I am finally an actual ice cream! The excitement is in the nitty-gritty details so to be exact I am pomegranate ice cream with noticeable pieces of dark chocolate and voila I am to die for. Using me in the mixture takes the ice cream to a new level of gourmet that is accessible by everyone in the comfort of their own home. Ever since I was created by my friends at Gol Ice Cream I’m getting nervous because after my coronation of a sort everyone has been asking for me. Talk about a girl being spread thin, but like they say “we all scream for ice cream!”

Now, not to brag about myself, because I’m not conceded – even though I give and I give. My flower, my seeds, my skin, my oil – everything about me has a use, so to no surprise, I have people of all ages who want me. I go so well with other indulgences like mixed drinks and desserts – even a salad for the health-conscious – told you I’m versatile.

Over time I have complimented and brought out the best in so many of my foodies, but my newest debut is a collaboration with Mr. Chocolate Milk! We go together in the cold and warm depending on the season. Ice cream is really 365 days a year thing, so not to digress, we’ve become an all-year-round thing. I know for a fact Mr. Chocolate Milk has been waiting for years to get with me; I know he wants to make us the talk of the town. I can’t deny it, I’m amazing on my own but he brings out the most exotic aroma when we are together. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to go public, girls got to keep her private life somewhat private, but for everyone who wants to know – YES Mr. Chocolate Milk and I have met and we like each other, apparently, those who have had a whiff and taste of us love us together too. As Mr. Chocolate Milk said himself, covering a scoop of me “is a dream come true.”

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