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My High School Ice Cream Journey

My High School IceCream Journey

When I was in high school my friends and I used to enjoy going to the local ice cream shop and order ridiculously large sundaes smothered in nauseating combinations of toppings.  Back then, quantity trumped quality.  Back then I thought it would benefit all of humankind if I wrote a book about ice cream.  The following is the introduction of the book that was never written but often researched that I wrote in 1982.

“Introduction by Steve M, July 25, 1982


The general public will be quick to tell you that to eat ice cream is very simple and that it would be a ridiculous adventure to try to write a book on the subject.  I’m sorry, but that simply isn’t true.  I have taken it upon myself to teach our society proper ice cream eating etiquette which has been lost through generations of the improper consumption of our country’s favorite dessert.   I will present the proper method of eating every form of ice cream from the simple single scoop cone to the massive but ingenious creations the “DIABLO”, or the “DRESSER DRAWER”.  Not only shall we study the proper techniques of eating this ancient delicacy, I will survey many ice cream parlors in the Bay Area and present to you, the interested eater, an honest, detailed description of each including the service, preparation and appearance, the spoon provided, and of course the quality of the ice cream.

Having shown enough interest to read this far, I believe that you will find the rest of this book extremely fascinating as well as educational, and I can guarantee you’ll at least chuckle before it’s through.

Steve M”


38 years have passed and my love for ice cream has only grown.  I have had the good fortune of meeting Mitra Golnazar, the CEO of Golnazar Gourmet Ice Cream known as GOL ICE CREAM, and their delicious ice cream.  Over 70 years of experience goes into the combining of the best of natural ingredients such as Saffron, Pistachio, Date, Pomegranate, Mango, Chocolate even Rosewater to create amazing, delicious and very exotic ice cream flavors. Their ice cream comes in variety of size such as Ice cream sandwiches, personal size all the way to family sizes and it gets even better they even make ice cream cakes.  I now take great pleasure in introducing people to GoL Ice Cream.  My high school adventure has come full circle.  Enjoy!

Steve M

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