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Double Date Delite

Double Date Delite

Who here have seven (7) siblings? I come from a big family, and we are all more scrumptious than the next. So, when we all get together, let’s just say the competition is serious. Our foundations are the same, we are all delicious and creamy, but it’s our unique characteristic that makes us different.

I am naturally sweet with a beautiful light tan color, but it’s my delicious ingredients; milk and date that give me my golden glow. This golden glow is contagious; I boost your energy and warmth, I satisfy your sweet tooth with no added sugar because I am all-natural and I am filled with fiber, the good kind. To no surprise fitness trainers and life, coaches recommend me to everyone who has a goal of health, balance, and happiness.

I fit into any calorie-restricted diet because I am naturally half the calories of any other ice cream, I am a great dessert for those who need to watch their sugar intake, I can mend a broken heart, boost endurance for play between the sheets, bring smiles when sitting around the fireplace in the winter and under blankets, or cool you off in the summer heat. I can give you so much energy that you can start your morning with me instead of coffee. I have been dubbed the breakfast ice cream by my creators, Gol Ice Cream because with a scoop of me and you will be able to power through your day. This is a known fact from a century ago. Gol Ice Cream has taken this old-time method of soaking dates in milk in a cool environment overnight to capture the benefits of the date. The mixture becomes a power booster that was invaluable decades ago to perform hard labor on daily basis or to enjoy an evening affair. It’s no coincidence that I’m called the double date delight and my color has that golden glow.

Drink your H20, have a scoop of me, and not only will your body thank you but so will your mind.

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